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…breath. From their vantage point above the maze, they saw both JT and the wild cat that was supposed to be drugged, for hot teen boys only.

JT knew better. He turned the corner, realizing too late that the teen boys first gay blowjob scent of the cat was suddenly all around him. Up ahead, not two feet away JT saw the feral gleam of yellow eyes. In a massive leap of sleek muscle and deadly claws, the Black Panther launched itself at him.

JT covered his face, backed away, and tripped over top ten gifts for teen boys own feet. Suddenly the hot flesh of the animal knocked him over and a loud buzzer was going off insistently, blending with the roar of the crowd.

JT shot up in his bed so fast he nearly hit his head on the top bunk. He wrestled free of the thin grey blanket wrapped around him in a tangle. The morning buzzer that woke the prisoners bleated again, filling the morning with ugly sound.

Kyle, who was reaching teen boys embarrassing stories his jeans, looked back at JT.

You ok? You were mumbling and moaning, Kyle said.

Yeah? JT said. Come here baby.

Kyle thought JT would push him to his knees between his legs like he did some mornings. But JT pulled him into bed with him, and wrapped his big arms around Kyle. He ran his hands slowly up and down Kyles ass, pressing a finger gently into the crack of Kyles ass. Kyle pushed back against him.

Youre a good bitch, JT whispered into Kyles ear, trailing his calloused fingers through Kyles silky brown hair.

Kyle twisted around in JTs big arms so he was facing JT. The boy ran his hands teen bi boys over JTs hard muscled chest. His skin was dark and smooth as black young gay teen boys

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